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Austin has wisely stayed out of investing in two nuclear reactors proposed by NRG Energy for the South Texas Project site in Bay City. Austin Energy studies found that it was too expensive and delays were likely. Austin City Council voted no twice.

Now NRG Energy is desperately scrambling for investors. As a way to prop up the financially shaky project and get federal loan guarantees, NRG is now pushing hard to get Austin to agree to purchase nuclear power from the proposed reactors.

The NRG proposal would cost $13 billion over the life of the plant – for just 500 MW. Residential bills would increase up to 20%. The same company just got nearly a billion dollars in loan guarantees for a 290 MW solar plant in Arizona. Energy Efficiency, solar energy, wind and geothermal energy can meet our energy needs. Solar costs are plummeting, while nuclear costs are skyrocketing.

This is a citizen led effort to keep Austin out of more nuclear reactors

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